For Science Fiction Editor Sarah Kolb-Williams

Here is a list of writing and editing client testimonials for Sarah Kolb-Williams. Enjoy!

Sarah is a pleasure to work with. Not only is her enthusiasm for the written word infectious, but she’s a skilled and knowledgeable copy editor. Her feedback for my novel, Echo Prophecy, was incredibly helpful. In addition to hunting down some slightly obscure grammar rules (Chicago) I’d been having issues with, she gave wonderful overall feedback of a few things I should keep in mind in my future writing projects.

As an avid fan of science fiction, she wasn’t intimidated at all by the hearty dose of made-up terms and concepts present in my writing. She’s always prompt to reply to emails and seems to genuinely love her job, which makes her exceptionally easy to work with. Without a doubt, I will work with Sarah again on my upcoming books. She’s a fabulous editor!

Lindsey Fairleigh

Science Fiction & Fantasy Romance Author, lindseyfairleigh.com

Your turn-around time is just amazing. And the clarity you have helped me achieve—I just can’t thank you enough.

Dr. Joe Dilley

Psychologist and author of The Game is Playing Your Kid, Synergy Psychological, Inc.

I chose Sarah as an editor based on her love of science fiction. What I got was a professional partner who came to the project with a high level of skill, editing knowledge, and developmental insight that made my manuscript publication-ready. Sarah turned out to be exactly what I was seeking in an editor: knowledgeable about the rules, gentle enough to allow my voice to shine through, and always willing to keep the story in mind.

David Bruns

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author, davidbruns.com

More Editing Client Testimonials

I’m absolutely delighted with your work on this. It’s exactly what I hoped for—an attention to both the large and detailed inconsistencies in the story that I’d missed, and an excellent learning experience in terms of understanding what my particular quirks are as a writer. You’re very talented to be able to do this!

Holly Cave

Science Fiction Author, hollycave.co.uk

Sarah Kolb-Williams is the kind of freelance editor that you always hope you’ll work with—conscientious, responsive, and collaborative.

She has an eye for detail, but is particular—not pedantic (something which is greatly appreciated when working with genres such as Science Fiction and Fantasy, which often come with their own language rules). She is always open to discussion and debate—yet is confident enough to stand her ground on behalf of the greater good of any manuscript.

Although they’re not “glamorous” traits, I would be remiss if I did not point out that Sarah is also both incredibly dependable and reliable. She has never missed a deadline without advanced warning, and has always been clear and honest about her skills and what she is—and isn’t—comfortable taking on.

Working with Sarah is always a pleasure, and I would recommend contacting her for any of your editing or proofreading needs.

Robert Schmidt

Coordinating Editor, Hillcrest Media Group

Sarah provided the all-important final editing and polishing that my children’s middle-grade manuscript needed. I really appreciate the knowledge, analysis, and enthusiasm she brought to such a personal project. She made my book better.

Paul Samuelson

Author of, The Boys of Earth-180

Sarah edited advanced work prepared by our subject matter experts and in-house attorneys. Whether the workproduct was a brief to be filed with a court, a chapter for national publication, or a white paper designed to impact public policy, Sarah was able to handle the project with aplomb and style. She is current on the major style books, and I have yet to stump her with a question of grammar or punctuation. Her attention to detail and ear for the writer’s voice make her a stand-out editorial talent. I can’t recommend her enough.

Stacey Supina

Director of Research, Legal Research Center, Inc.

I have enjoyed working with you. Your suggestions have resonated with me and I feel you do great work. Thank you again! I truly have appreciated your insight and perspective. You have a graceful way of presenting suggestions with a nonthreatening demeanor that has helped me embrace the suggestions without feeling like the manuscript is lacking.

These things are our babies. We fret, we question, we want to introduce them to the world to be loved. Thank you for understanding that at a fundamental level.

Beth Kloos

Spiritual Fantasy Author

I’ve known and worked with Sarah on a number of various editorial projects over the past four years, and she has always impressed me with her ability to provide both broad and specific constructive criticism. Whether it’s proofing a back cover blurb or providing thoughtful feedback in a content editing capacity, Sarah’s diverse talents greatly enhance every project’s potential for reaching and connecting with its audience.

Her candor, insight, creativity, and expertise endow every editorial suggestion or revision that she makes throughout the process with an author, and her ability to meet each and every deadline makes her one of the most dedicated, professional, and reliable editors that we’ve ever employed. Most importantly, not only is she an exceptional editor, but she truly understands that the best results are achieved when the editing process is a collaborative one, and this comes through in her willingness to address every question and concern that an author or writer brings up throughout the editorial process.

Michelle Brown

Author Coordinator, Mill City Press

Sarah is an exceptional, diverse editor with an attention to detail that every project needs. Sarah helped me research, compile, and edit the fourth and fifth editions of my book, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing. This book is directly responsible for a significant amount of business for my company. Sarah was my first and only choice for this editing assignment.

Mark Levine

CEO, Hillcrest Media Group

I have worked with Sarah on several projects during the course of a couple of years. She’s extremely passionate about what she does as an editor, and it shows in her work ethic. Sarah has been my go-to person for basically everything involving grammar, and I will continue to defer to her expertise for as long as I possibly can. The fact that she likes Star Trek is just icing on the cake.

Emily Gable

Photographer, The Wildernesses Photography