Sarah Kolb-Williams: Editing and Proofreading History

This is an expanded list of books I’ve been privileged to work with.

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Matthew James Daley, Bruce Boxleitner, and Trevor Crafts, RISE: A Lantern City Illustrated Novel. Bluecanvas, 2013. (edit + proofread)

Mark Levine, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing: Fifth Edition. Bascom Hill Publishing Group, 2013. (research + edit)

David Bruns and J. R. Olson, Weapons of Mass Deception. CreateSpace, 2015. (copyedit)

Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue, Before the Dawn (The Ending Series: Book 4). L2 Books, 2015. (copyedit)

Dr. Joe Dilley, The Game Is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age. Bascom Hill Publishing Group, 2015. (content edit)

Holly Cave, The Generation. Blinky’s Planet Publishing, 2015. (copyedit)

Maggie Gibbs, No Dragons Press: A HIGH FANTASY Adventure. Ascraeus Press, 2015. (developmental edit)

John Wills, The Forgotten Governor: Fernando de Rivera and the Opening of Alta California. Langdon Street Press, 2015. (proofread)

Susan Bass Marcus, Malevir: Dragons Return. Mill City Press, 2015. (developmental edit)

Tara Jade Brown, The Senthien: Descendants of Earth, Book One. (manuscript assessment + copyedit)

R. C. Goodwin, The Stephen Hawking Death Row Fan Club. Langdon Street Press, 2015. (proofread)

Carol Ascher, A Call from Spooner Street. Mill City Press, 2015. (copyedit)

Alika Yarnell, Raindrop Parade. TBD. (comprehensive edit)

Gwen Riggs, A Reluctant First Mate’s Journal. Mill City Press, 2015. (copyedit)

Windsor Harries, Prime: A Novella. Victor Publishing, 2015. (developmental edit)

David Bruns, I, Caroline: A Short Story. Amazon Digital Services, 2015. (copyedit)

Jeanne Maxon, Becoming Lady: A Rescued Golden’s Journey from Lonely to Loved. Two Harbors Press, 2015. (proofread)

Ranye Day, Snowspirit: The Virgo Key. Future Cultures, 2015. (developmental edit)

Leigh Cook, The Crooked Albatross and Sweet Fanny Adams. Two Harbors Press, 2015. (copyedit)

Ronald Solberg, The Soulful Salesman: Two Centuries of Humor, Stories, and Advice. Two Harbors Press, 2015. (copyedit)

Jim Evry, Exodus to Earth. Two Harbors Press, 2015. (developmental edit)

Leila Knox, The Storyteller: My Years with Ernest Thompson Seton. Langdon Street Press, 2015. (proofread)

L. V. Barat, Eye of the Hawk (Tears of Gods and Dragons, Book 1). OD Publishing, 2015. (content edit)

Daniel Bryant, Zan’s Quest: The Chandaran Chronicles. Two Harbors Press, 2015. (copyedit + back cover copy)

Lindsey Fairleigh, Resonance: An Echo Trilogy Novella (Echo Trilogy: Book 1.5). L2 Books, 2014. (copyedit)

David Bruns, The Yesterday Adjustment. Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (copyedit)

Nick Jones, The Embers of Hope (Hibernation Series Book 2). Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (copyedit)

Ollie Bourque, Ad Astra: Beginnings. Publish Green, 2014. (copyedit)

David Bruns, Sacrifice (The Dream Guild Chronicles: Book 3). Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (copyedit)

Lindsey Fairleigh, Echo Queen: A Time Travel Romance (Echo Trilogy: Book 2). L2 Books, 2014. (copyedit)

Anderson Ngundam, A Portal Away (Volume 1). Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (developmental edit)

P. T. Mason, Time Guardians: Protectors of the Travellars. Two Harbors Press, 2014. (developmental edit + back cover copy)

David Bruns, Sight (The Dream Guild Chronicles: Book 2). Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (copyedit)

Paul Samuelson, The Boys of Earth-180. Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (developmental edit)

Rich Marcello, The Big Wide Calm. Langdon Street Press, 2014. (proofread)

Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue, Out of the Fire (The Ending Series: Book 3). L2 Books, 2014. (copyedit)

Nick Jones, The Whisper of Stars (Hibernation Series Book 1). Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (copyedit + back cover copy)

C.T. Hillin, The Imati. Benetone Hillin Entertainment, 2014. (copyedit)

David Bruns, Irradiance (The Dream Guild Chronicles: Book 1). Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (copyedit)

Maggie Coalson, It Already Hurts Enough: Strategies for Stopping Self-Injury. Platte River Publications, 2014. (developmental edit)

Michael Douglas Gilbert, America in the Economic World: Jobs, Necessities, and Economic Optimization. Langdon Street Press, 2014. (copyedit)

George McLemore, A Quick Review of a Civil Liability Jury Trial: Jury Trial Tactics for Attorneys. Publish Green, 2014. (developmental edit)

Sadie Scott, Gray Area (An Erotic Paranormal Tale): Part 1/Part 2/Part 3. Sadie Scott, 2014. (edit)

David Bruns, The Collector. Amazon Digital Services, 2014. (copyedit)

Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue, Into the Fire (The Ending Series: Book 2). L2 Books, 2013. (edit)

Robert T.K. Scully, The King History Forgot: Makikele, The 19th-Century Legend of Phalaborwa, South Africa. Two Harbors Press, 2013. (edit)

Lindsey Fairleigh, Echo Prophecy: A Time Travel Romance (Echo Trilogy: Book 1). L2 Books, 2013. (edit)

Daniel Hryhorczuk, Caught in the Current. Langdon Street Press, 2013. (proofread)

Bruce Bonafede, Nobody Knows My Name by Anonymous. Mill City Press, 2013. (copyedit)

Kasonde Bowa, Making the Cut: A Memoir. Amazon Digital Services, 2013. (proofread)

Pascal Dennis, Reflections of a Business Nomad: Stories and Poems From the Road. Skopelos Press, 2012. (copyedit + back cover copy)

Emile A. Pessagno, Jr., The Apocalypse Calendar. Two Harbors Press, 2013. (developmental edit + back cover copy)

Ron Hanlon, Hearts Can Change In Time. Two Harbors Press, 2012. (developmental edit + back cover copy)

Garrett Ebling, Collapsed: A Survivor’s Climb from the Wreckage of the 35W Bridge. Two Harbors Press, 2012. (back cover copy)

Tony Carr, Time Bring About a Change. Mill City Press, 2012. (back cover copy)

J.J. Smith, Head Shots: A McKinzie MacKenna Mystery. PublishGreen, 2012. (copyedit)

Harvey G. Bramzel, Under a Cybernetic Sky. Two Harbors Press, 2012. (back cover copy)

Rebecca Young, Rich Tips for a Lifetime. Two Harbors Press, 2011 (copyedit)

Gail Nagasako, Homeschooling: Why & How. Two Harbors Press, 2011. (back cover copy)

Dr. Michael J. De Vito, Addiction: The Master Keys to Recovery. Two Harbors Press, 2011. (copyedit + back cover copy)

Diane August, The FREE Cookbook: Secrets to Healthier Living. Two Harbors Press, 2011. (copyedit + back cover copy)

Rebecca Long, If the Truth Be Known. Two Harbors Press, 2011. (copyedit + back cover copy)

Vance Bachelder, The Korellian Odyssey: Requiem. Mill City Press, 2011. (copyedit + back cover copy)

Mark Levine, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing: Fourth Edition. Bascom Hill Publishing Group, 2011. (research+ developmental edit)

Chuck Gallozzi, The Three Thieves and Four Pillars of Happiness. Mill City Press, 2011. (copyedit + back cover copy)

Jennifer Otto, Never Drink Calories: Theories of an Anorexic. Mill City Press, 2011. (copyedit)

Anna Maria Sparks, Breakfast Without Tiffany. Mill City Press, 2010. (copyedit)

Richard B. Swegan, The Memories of Thomas M’Clintock. Mill City Press, 2010 (back cover copy)

Matt Gordon, Job Hunting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your First Job. Two Harbors Press, 2010 (copyedit + back cover copy)

Mitch Cote-Crosskill, The Valedictorians. Mill City Press, 2010. (copyedit)

Dallas W. Gorbett, The Inventory Book. Mill City Press, 2009. (copyedit)

Daniel Dundon, Exposed. Mill City Press, 2009. (copyedit)

Edward Ryder, The Departments. Two Harbors Press, 2009. (copyedit)

Kirk D. Sinclair. Systems Out of Balance: How Misinformation Hurts the Middle Class. Mill City Press, 2009. (copyedit + back cover copy)

Anthony D’Egidio, The Third Cell. Langdon Street Press, 2008. (copyedit)

Mark Levine. The Fine Print of Self-Publishing: Third Edition. Bascom Hill Publishing Group, 2008. (copyedit)