Sarah Kolb-Williams Writng & Editing: Copyediting PlusCopyediting Plus Fiction Authors


Everything in a Basic Copyedit, plus a second layer of feedback and increased follow-up support.


Copyediting Plus includes:

  • one round of copyediting
  • one custom style sheet
  • a second read-through of the edited manuscript for top-level feedback
  • up to two hours post-editing support

What Clients Are Saying

I’m delighted with your work on this. It’s exactly what I hoped for—an attention to both the large and detailed inconsistencies in the story that I’d missed, and an excellent learning experience in terms of understanding what my particular quirks are as a writer.

She has an eye for detail, but is particular—not pedantic. She is always open to discussion and debate—yet is confident enough to stand her ground on behalf of the greater good of any manuscript.

I’ve known and worked with Sarah on a number of various editorial projects over the past four years, and she has always impressed me with her ability to provide both broad and specific constructive criticism.

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