Proofreading is the final quality control step between formatting and publishing—and after editing.

Mistakes can happen. Oddities can be introduced during formatting. Rogue typography can escape detection. A dedicated proofread is an important part of the publishing process.


What I’ll need

—Your style sheet (if your copyeditor didn’t give you one, ask)

—Your interior file (typically a PDF, but if that’s not convenient, let me know)

What you’ll get

—A written assessment of your website’s current editorial needs

—Suggestions for how to proceed

How to begin

Just give me your website address and answer a few brief questions about your business and your goals. In one week, I’ll return a written assessment of your content needs, along with a few suggestions for moving forward.

What's the difference between proofreading and editing?

Copyediting takes place in an editable text program like Microsoft Word, where proofreading takes place once the book has been placed in its final format and all editing matters have been finalized.

In other words: Proofreading is not a part of editing; it happens after editing. If your book has not been edited, you are probably not ready for proofreading.

Can you copyedit and proofread during the same round?

No. There is no way to proofread during a copyedit—the file for proofreading doesn’t exist until after copyediting is complete—and copyediting a fully formatted interior is almost always prohibitively disruptive.

(For example, if you introduce a new sentence to an already full page of text, where does that bottom line go? If I find a repeated paragraph, what happens to the empty space?)

What happens if I don't have a style sheet?

Generally, this would mean that your book hasn’t been fully edited; every copyeditor I know develops a style sheet to refer to as they work, and I can’t imagine a better way to ensure internal spelling, style, and typographical consistency.

That said, if your style sheet has been lost or you’re no longer able to contact your copyeditor, I will build one for you for an extra fee, depending on the complexity of typographical elements in your manuscript.