Sarah Kolb-Williams

Business Writing and Editing Portfolio

Business Books, E-books, and Digital Products

The Game Is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age, Dr. Joe Dilley (Bascom Hill Publishing Group/Synergy Psychological, 2015)

The Indie Author’s Guide to Book Editing, Sarah Kolb-Williams (2014)

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing: Fifth Edition, Mark Levine (Bascom Hill Publishing Group, 2014)
project manager + editor

America in the Economic World: Jobs, Necessities, and Economic Optimization, Michael Douglas Gilbert (Langdon Street Press, 2014)

The Broke Entrepreneur: How 20 People Started Successful Businesses for $500 or Less, Diana Bocco (Imbolc Books, 2013)
featured entrepreneur

Reflections of a Business Nomad: Stories and Poems From the Road, Pascal Dennis (Skopelos Press, 2012)
copyeditor + back cover copy

Homeschooling: Why & How, Gail Nagasako (Two Harbors Press, 2011)
back cover copy

Copyright Cases You Need to Know, Click&Copyright (Click Industries, 2011)
content editor

Your Copyright Questions—Answered!, Click&Copyright (Click Industries, 2011)
content editor

Job Hunting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your First Job, Matt Gordon (Two Harbors Press, 2010)
copyeditor, copywriter

Small Business/Entrepreneur: Articles, Features, and Interviews

4 Client-Attracting Websites and Why They Work,” Freelancer’s Union (3/13/2014)
featured website

Sarah Kolb-Williams on the Rise of Independent Editors,” Freelancer’s Union (9/26/2013)

Click&Inc Small Business Blog (2011–2013)
blogger + editor

Small Business Owners: How to Profit from Your Old Content with Ebooks,” FrugalEntrepreneur (11/22/2012)
guest blogger

3 Small Business Lessons from Captain Kirk,” Small Biz Bee (12/20/2012)
guest blogger

Incorporate Online with Click&Inc,” Click Industries (2010)


Ascraeus Press, site copy
lead editor

TBH Builders, site copy
content editor

Bent Brewstillery, site copy + newsletters
content editor

Bigtree Bonsai, website + album copy
content editor + proofreader

Kestell Furniture Company, brochures

Legal Research Center, site copy
content editor

Click&Inc, site copy + internal communications + digital products
content editor

Click&Copyright, site copy + digital products
content editor + copywriter