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Go Home, MS Word, You’re Drunk: Editing Software vs. Human Editor Cage Match

/ Sarah Kolb-Williams

In a world of verbal texting and mortifying autocorrects, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that any software’s spelling and grammar suggestions might (gasp) not always be 100% accurate. But that doesn’t stop lots of authors from treating these suggestions as gospel. On the one hand, I completely understand. After all, this is Microsoft Word, pretty much the Holy Grail of the publishing world. (For editors anyway, until Scrivener offers that nice, beefy track Track Changes option that’s going to solve all my problems. But I digress, and I will save the rant about editing technology for another post.) ButRead More

My Bonkers Journey Through Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy and What It Can Teach Indie Authors

/ Sarah Kolb-Williams

A few months ago, I noticed that Audible doesn’t always include a book’s position in a series. How did I notice? Good question. I’d heard wonderful things about Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy, so I downloaded MaddAddam to check it out for myself. I was absolutely spellbound, not just because of the story, but because of how richly woven her backstory was. And every time I found myself wanting her to elaborate on something, she did. Turns out MaddAddam is the third book of the series. :D Ordinarily, this rookie mistake would have infuriated me. (It infuriated my husband, who’d givenRead More

Starbuck & Apollo

9 Coolest Made-Up Science Fiction Terms (According to Me)

/ Sarah Kolb-Williams

Regular readers, friends, and anyone I’ve ever cornered at a bar will not be surprised that language is one of my favorite elements of science fiction. The freedom to invent and extrapolate words and terminology at will never fails to delight me. I thought I’d collect and share some of the science fiction terms that particularly tickle my language bone. Did I miss any of your favorites? 1. Stargate You know, like a gate—but with stars. So compound. Such German. Seriously, though, it made for a great concept: that you could enter another world just by walking into it, noRead More

Going to Vietnam. Image credit: Jonathan Charles (CC 2.0)

Proxima Rising, Vietnam, and Business Services

/ Sarah Kolb-Williams

A few updates! OK, so I haven’t updated my blog in a while—I’ve been deep in (awesome) client work, my own projects, and a whirlwind two weeks of driving across Wisconsin and back. And across Wisconsin. And back. It was a lovely trip, full of weddings and birthdays, lake adventures, celebrations, friends, family, and more lake adventures (my shoulders are still sore from all the kayaking), and it was just the break I needed to return with clarity, focus, and motivation. For my own benefit, I wanted to share a few thoughts on where I’ll be focusing my own writingRead More

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Hiring an Editor: The Importance of Editing

/ Sarah Kolb-Williams

Independent authors are a scrappy bunch, as the blogs and podcasts I follow remind me again and again. The mantra of indie authors echoes that of the DIY community everywhere: why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? If you view editing as just one more item in a lengthy to-do list, it’s natural to look at your budget and ask yourself if editing is really necessary. But up-front cost is just one factor to consider when plotting your course—and as a professional author, you owe it to yourself to look at more than just the immediate bottomRead More